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Our Mission

Carpenter’s Place provides the tools necessary for rebuilding the lives of the homeless. Inspired by Christ’s compassion, Carpenter’s Place offers direction with accountability to people with broken lives, helping them find peace with God, themselves, and their communities.

Our Strategy

Carpenter’s Place (CP) has become recognized as an innovative leader in the development of effective methods for addressing the core life issues of the chronically homeless. Responding to local and national frustration over how to effectively rebuild broken lives, CP has invested heavily to conceive, implement, evaluate, and refine a unique blend of programming elements. Recovering from chronic homelessness requires overcoming multiple barriers that often keep an individual trapped in a downward spiraling lifestyle . . . one that robs them, and consequently their families and community, of realizing their full potential. Recovering from chronic homelessness is no small task.

Our Strategy

Rebuilding a life requires more than finding a job and a place to live. Addictions, mental illness and negative relationships often play a role in the vast majority of homeless people. To truly impact the lives of the homeless, these issues must be addressed before any real change can occur. CP recognizes the necessity of supporting basic, practical needs while encouraging personal growth and change.  Our approach is one of compassion with accountability.


As a result, CP brings together the most appropriate opportunities for genuine, reconstructive help, not just handouts. As a central ‘home base’ for individuals looking to rebuild their lives; CP is a place of hope, help, and healing that offers a non-threatening, safe, daytime, drop-in center with a home-like atmosphere. Basic necessities like shower facilities, storage of belongings, a mailing address, phone calls, and laundry service are available. Guests in Case Management work to develop a personal Life Recovery Plan that addresses key areas of life and maps a direction to a brighter future. An array of support and education groups, voluntary spiritual support, and linkage within as well as outside of the local community are also offered and coordinated.


Communities often possess several wonderful services for the area homeless including shelters, food pantries, and soup kitchens. But usually, after a specific service is obtained, the individual is back on the street, enveloped in all of its negative forces. Carpenter’s Place offers the missing piece of a controlled and safe daytime center that coordinates all these resources on a personalized basis and develops a comprehensive Life Recovery Plan that takes into consideration all areas of life. This is the strategy behind the CP model.

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